A father from Ethiopia looking for his family

Tesfaye*, a father from Ethiopia, had to flee the country in 2004 and ended up in Belgium.  He lost contact with his family. In 2009 Tesfaye started looking for his family via Red Cross Flanders. He was looking for his wife, son and daughter.

Based on some information he had, such as the address of his wife’s work and the address of the wife’s grandmother, the Red Cross started searching for his family. However these addresses led to a dead end, they didn’t exist anymore.

Tesfaye had one other lead. Via an acquaintance he learned that his children attended the ‘School of Tomorrow’. Finally there was some progress in the search for Tesfaye’s family. The Red Cross found his children thanks to a contact person of the ‘School of Tomorrow’.

At the present time his children are staying with his brother in Addis Ababa. His wife is living with her parents in another village in Ethiopia. Tesfaye received a Red Cross message with some pictures from his children attached. He is very happy and is able to stay in touch with his children through letters and telephone calls.

*Fictional name in order to protect the person’s privacy