Visiting places of detention and restoring family links in Afghanistan

Because of the ongoing conflict the International Red Cross is still actively present in Afghanistan. Red Cross delegates regularly visit prisons in Afghanistan. They monitor the living conditions and the treatment of prisoners. The Red cross also helps reunite families and restore contact between families separated by the conflict.

During March and April 2011 the International Red Cross in cooperation with the Afghan Red Crescent have carried out several activities concerning prisoners and reuniting families. The Red Cross:

  • carried out 38 visits to 35 places of detention
  • monitored the cases of 725 detainees, visiting 251 of them for the first time
  • paid the transport costs for five ex-detainees to return to their home villages
  • send more than 2,200 Red Cross messages mostly between detainees and their families, with the help of the Afghan Red Crescent
  • facilitated 952 video telephone calls between families and relatives
  • provided transportation to enable the families of 207 detainees to visit their relatives in person

The International Red Cross is, together with the Afghan Red Crescent, also carrying out other activities in Afghanistan such as healthcare, distributing food, water and sanitation and other forms of aid.

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