Contact restored between mother and daughter

Anya* (16), is staying alone in Belgium. She lost all contact with her family. It’s been more than a year they had contact.

Anya wants to find her family and approaches Red Cross Flanders for help. She doesn’t know the location of her parents, sister and brother. The only information she has, is an old address of her grandparents in Chechnya. Red Cross Flanders tries to send a message to Anya’s grandparents via the Red Cross in Moscow. They also register Anya in the Red Cross Tracing Application. This application is a database by which people can be registered who are looking for a missing family member. This data is accessible to several Red Cross organizations. This way a search can be faster and more efficient, across borders.

Before getting any news from the message to Anya’s grandparents, Red Cross Flanders receives news from the Red Cross in Poland. In Poland a mother has registered her daughter as missing. The Red Cross Tracing Application finds Anya in the database, her daughter.

This way the contact between mother and daughter is restored. The first contact is very emotional, but they’re both very pleased to be able to speak to each other for the first time in ages.

*Fictional name in order to protect the person’s privacy