An Angolan mother finds back her children in neighbouring Congo

Luisa is a young mother of about thirty who comes from Cabinda, Angola. In 2003, she was forced to flee her native village because of continuous violence and got separated from her sister and three children. Eventually, she found refuge in Belgium, but she had no idea what happened to her family.

Fellow Angolans in Belgium told her that the Tracing Service of the Red Cross could maybe help her to locate her loved ones. After a thorough and detailed conversation a search was initiated. Many refugees from the Angolan province of Cabinda are staying in neighbouring Congo. Through acquaintances Luisa heard that her children might have fled there as well. Finally, the delegation of the International Committee of the Red Cross succeeded in locating the children in one of the “communes” of the capital Kinshasa. A Congolese merchant had taken the unaccompanied children under his wings and had given them a roof over their head. Unfortunately, one of the children didn’t survive because of a malaria attack.

In anticipation of being reunited, Luisa is now communicating with her two daughters by means of Red Cross Messages. Together with the Red Cross, she will take the necessary steps to bring her children to Belgium. Every day she comes one step closer to the final goal.